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Whitewater Lutheran

Whitewater Lutheran serves the agricultural community of Whitewater, Montana. Whitewater consists of a grade school/high school, a restaurant, the Lutheran Church and some small ag related businesses. The church serves as the community social hub since it is the largest of the three active faith communities. It has a newly remodeled church with a fellowship hall. Worship is each Sunday at 11:15.

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Malta Lutheran

Malta Lutheran serves the community of Malta, Montana. Malta is a community of about 2,000 and the Phillips County seat. Malta Lutheran Church has an active congregation and houses Sunday School, Youth and Confirmation Groups, as well as the Men in Mission and WELCA chapters.  Wick Fellowship hall is available for functions by contacting the church office.  Worship is each Sunday at 9:00am.


Our History - Scandia Lutheran

Scandia Lutheran church is a simple one room wood frame church from the homesteaders era. It sits on the open prairie south of Malta. The families of the founders and the Malta Lutheran Men in Mission group maintain the building. Unity Parish no longer holds worship here, but the parish's history is rooted in this simple homesteader church.

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